Ruc-Pac Conversion System

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Backpack conversion system
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Converts a wheeled hardcase into a backpack

Compatible with most wheeled cases on the market today. Designed around Pelican & Storm.

Generously-sized, padded shoulder area and straps, where the weight is distributed, offer comfort and durability

Allows immediate access into the case whilst still attached

Quickly attachable/removable and can be stored inside the case

After years in development, the RucPac is now here in Australia offering you the security of a hardcase with the convenience of a backpack...

Price does not include the case

So far proven to fit:
Pelican 1510, Pelican 1560, Pelican 1610, Pelican 1620, Pelican 1630, Pelican 1640, Pelican 1650, Pelican 1660, Pelican 1690, Storm iM2500, Storm iM2620, Storm iM2720, Storm iM2750, Storm iM2875, Storm iM2950, Storm iM2975, Storm iM3075
Ruc-Pac - elegantly simple & intelligently designed


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